Perkins Nature Area


Duane Perkins and his wife Anna owned property on Eagle Island since the 1960s. At over 90 years old, Mr. Perkins decided to protect his land forever as a nature area. He liked what the Land Trust was doing to connect people with nature and so donated the property to the Land Trust.  The Nature Area can be seen from the pedestrian bridge in Garden City where the river splits into the north and south channels. It is the very start of Eagle Island.



Due to surrounding private land, the Perkins Nature Area is accessible only by special permission and when accompanied by Land Trust personnel.


The Land Trust is honored to be the trustee of this parcel and the recipient of his confidence that we will uphold his desire for a nature area.  A management plan has been created and the opportunity to utilize the parcel as an outdoor lab has resulted in a variety of projects.  Your donation to the Land Trust supports the care for this and other property.