Busy days outside means spring has sprung!

Get those kids outside!

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For the last day of school, we were lucky enough to host a class of students at Harrison Hollow. We showed the kids native plants and invasive weeds, cleared space around sagebrush starts (we all need some space to grow!), and did an activity to learn about stakeholders. We hope they get outside as much as possible this summer!

In early June, employees from Oliver Russell spent some time on the trail getting their hands and shovels dirty. This group of branding agency professionals worked on erosion control and fixing drainage issues on Harrison Ridge Trail inside the Hillside to Hollow Reserve.

A big round of applause for all the volunteers who worked with us on National Trails Day June 1st! Volunteers worked on Cartwright Ridge, a trail the Land Trust has been improving for over a year now.

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The time is NOW to rid our trails, sidewalks, and paths of pokey nutlets! As one of the 8 participating nonprofits, we urge you to go out and pick those puncturevines! Bag ‘em up and bring them to the Northend Organic Nursery and get them weighed. Prizes will be given to those who bring in the heaviest hauls. More information here.