Hillside to the Hollow


Hillside to the Hollow is cooperatively managed by Boise City, Ridge to Rivers and the Land Trust. In late 2011, the Land Trust purchased the 59 acre Harrison Hollow area with donations from our incredible supporters. In 2013, City of Boise purchased the adjacent 260 acres using money from the 2001 Foothills Levy.  Combined, the 319 acre area is now know as Hillside to the Hollow Reserve.



Trail head parking is located at Hillside Park, the end of Ussery Street and in Harrison Hollow as part of an agreement with Healthwise to allow sharing of their private parking lot



Hillside to the Hollow is a dog-friendly, off-leash area.

It is very important to have your dog leashed in the private parking lot and in the street at the Harrison Hollow Trailhead Access. This is for your dog’s safety and is respectful to others in the parking lot. After traveling about 100 ft up the trail, you and your dog may enjoy the Land Trust's Nature Area off leash. Please bring bags to collect your dog’s waste and discard in the trash can. Dog poo is nasty and there is no poo fairy. Please enjoy Hillside to the Hollow responsibly.


The all season trail at Hillside to the Hollow starts at the trailhead at the end of Harrison Hollow Ln., and continues for about 1 mile. It is designed to drain well and is a great hike when other trails in the foothills are muddy and unsuitable for use due to weather conditions such as rain and melted snow.


Hillside to the Hollow is a community success story, beginning with citizen support for the acquisition of the area, a citizen-led planning effort that won an Idaho Smart Growth award, an Idaho Planning Association Award and citizens that come out time and again to volunteer their time to care for the trails.  

In 2012, volunteers built the all-season trail. The Land Trust Board of Directors and Boise Parks and Recreation Commission jointly approved the Master Plan in October 2014. A common theme echoed throughout the master planning process was: it’s not broken, so don’t fix it. Yet many citizens also realize that to keep it the same requires taking proactive action to improve enjoyment and reduce erosion and impacts from increased use. In 2015 with support from REI, volunteers built a new trail now called “Hippie Shake.” All trail names were chosen and released in fall 2015 after the first of a kind, public trail naming contest managed by Boise City Parks and Recreation.

“We appreciate the help the Land Trust provided and we look forward to partnering together in the future”, Boise Parks and Recreation Director Doug Holloway.

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