Healy Toll Road Tract

The connection between Stack Rock and Avimor

Recreation, wildlife and history. The Healy Toll Road Tract, acquired by the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley in early 2018, has these elements in abundance. This 560 acre parcel is the last piece of land needed to create a trail connecting Stack Rock to Avimor. The area is home to diverse plant and animal life, including wintering mule deer and elk. Once a homestead for early settlers, the property also has rich history from Idaho’s pioneer days. These are the reasons why the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley bought the land, and we now need your help to improve the habitat and make it accessible for the community to enjoy.

Looking north towards old Cartwright Road and an unnamed creek on the property. 

Looking north towards old Cartwright Road and an unnamed creek on the property. 


How to help. 

Boise is the fastest growing metropolitan area in the country (Forbes, February 2018). Conserving open space where and when we can is crucial. The gradient of the parcel, its natural beauty, and the serenity of place make it a viable option for homesites; the Land Trust has ensured the parcel will never be developed. Healy Toll Road Tract must be protected for the long run using easements and good stewardship. Purchasing the land now and working ahead to improve habitat and recreation access will help protect this open space long-term.

You can support this and other conservation opportunities by donating or volunteering.


what's next.

When the opportunity to purchase a private parcel of land arose, the Land Trust jumped into action and moved quickly, purchasing the property on a very short timeline. 

Conserving the land for the long-run will mean the coordination of many agencies, interests, and individuals. The work really begins when the deed is signed. The Land Trust will help manage the Healy Toll Road Tract to improve big game winter range, create better recreation opportunities and interpret the cool history of the area. Working with Avimor, BLM and City of Boise, we will strive to improve existing trails, secure easements for continued protection, and coordinate volunteer efforts so YOU can be involved.


Healy Toll Road Tract may be transferred to the BLM in the future with easements retained by the Land Trust for assured recreation and sportsman access. Its location nestled between BLM properties makes the agency a natural partner.

Over the next several years, the Land Trust will work with the BLM, Avimor, Boise City and the sportsman and recreation communities to create trails and improve habitat.