In 2018, Land Trust of the Treasure Valley earned the distinct honor of accreditation. Accreditation advances excellence through sound finances, ethical conduct, responsible governance and lasting stewardship. Of the 1,363 land trusts in the United States, only 400 are accredited.

  • Sound Finances
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Responsible Governance
  • Lasting Stewardship


The accreditation process is voluntary, and entails completing an extensive review of operations. The Land Trust Alliance Accreditation Commission then provides feedback and approves or denies accreditation. This rigorous process took nearly two years and hundreds of hours to complete. It is independent verification of high standards ensuring Land Trust of the Treasure Valley meets the highest professional level of conservation practices.

Land Trust of the Treasure Valley will seek accreditation renewal every five years. Remaining current on accreditation demonstrates a lasting commitment to fiscal accountability, strong organizational leadership, sound transactions and lasting stewardship.